Empower ME

What empower ME is

Empower ME is your online tool to manage your Island membership.  Contactless registration for classes, pool reservations, and allows you to update your contact or billing information at any time.  Almost out of personal training?  You can purchase more sessions, check your visit history and view past invoices as well.

Not a member but still want to try some of the Group Fitness Classes? That’s ok! You can create a guest registration account by clicking on the button below. Once you’ve made a guest account, no need to make a second, it will stay active indefinitely and you can then login through the member access button above.

Once you fill out the registration request you will receive 2 emails that will provide you with a guest User Name and Password for the Empower ME web portal.  Once logged on to the Empower ME portal you will be able to view all classes live and in person, reserve a space in the class you want to attend and pay for it.  From there you should get an email confirming their registration for the class.

If you’re already a member, you already have an account that will sync with you IHF member profile.  Your member ID, on the back of your key tag, will be your username and password the first time you log in.

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