Aquatics Center

Island Health & Fitness has a full-service aquatics center complete with a dedicated lap pool, the area’s only warm water hydrotherapy pool, and a whirlpool spa. We offer a wide array of group water aerobics and swimming classes as well as specialized private swim lessons and coaching. Whether you are a dedicated lap swimmer, in need of low impact or warm water exercise or aqua-therapy, or just want to relax in our hot tub, we have the perfect place for you! 

Lap Pool

Our 4 lane, 25-yard lap pool is always available for lap swimming during regular hours. Since this pool is 100% dedicated to lap swimming,  if you are not yet fully vaccinated, or are uncomfortable sharing with another swimmer you may book Lane 1 in advance for single occupancy.  Reservations can be made through the Empower ME section of the website. Even during class times, 1 to 3 lanes remain open for lap swimming. This pool is kept at a comfortable 80°F to accommodate swimmers of all abilities.

Hydro-Therapy Pool

We feature the area’s only warm water hydrotherapy pool. This pool is perfect for people with bone or joint problems and others looking for no-impact exercise. We offer an assortment of water aerobics classes of varying intensity including Aqua Zumba®, Arthritis Aquatics, and our ever-popular Aqua-Easy classes. Additionally, Cayuga Medical Center utilizes this pool for Aquatic Physical Therapy. This pool is kept at 89°F.

Whirlpool Spa

Our jetted hot tub is the perfect place to relax after a workout and to relieve aches and pains from exercise, sports, and work. Currently, the spa is closed and will reopen when the County Health Department determines it is safe. Use is limited to 8 people and those using the spa should observe all guidelines and only use the spa for no more than 15 minutes. The spa is kept at 102°F and is drained regularly to ensure clean, comfortable water for our members.

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